Freelance Florist.

Feel-good Flowers.

Based in Hackney, London.

I'm a Hackney based, Kent bred florist. I love living in London, and everyday I appreciate something new that the city offers me. But I often find myself seeking out green spaces, staring in awe at garden roses peering over walls, or jumping on the train back to the countryside for fresh air, fields and flowers. I crave it, I need it, I yearn for it. Who's with me?

My goal is to create fun-filled florals that make people happy, get people interested in flowers and excited about sharing them with others. From weddings and other big life celebrations, to events and supper clubs, team builds and workshops, I love combining our good human nature with nature itself.

I'm available for private, personal or corporate flower projects and events, and I am eager to collaborate with like-minded people, organisations and brands. Let’s chat!

• Weddings • Events • Personal & Corporate Projects • Floral Styling • Flower Power •

Available for freelance work across London and the UK.

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